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Candy Man is an immersive experience in pattern and color.

Candy Man

Exhibition on Display: August 2 - September 9, 2017

Reception: August 5, 6 pm - 9 pm

Artist: Ben Willis

Childhood fantasy and fun burst to life as Fort Works Art (FWA) welcomes the return of artist Ben Willis and his deliciously vibrant new exhibition Candy Man to Fort Worth from August 2 - September 9, 2017. This family-friendly exhibition/installation invites audiences of all ages to savor in Willis's one-of-a-kind artistic confections with the same excitement and sense of adventure inspired by Hasbro's classic board game. Candy Man is an immersive experience in pattern and color and designed to satisfy the artistic appetite of each viewer with its mouth-watering collection of bold abstractions.

A vivid venture into palette and texture play, each work is made distinct by Willis's imaginative use of materials. Having abandoned his early academic interests in oil painting and portraiture, Willis's Candy Man works feature striking geometric explorations of pattern through the creative layering of paint, iridescent pigment, and glitter in resin. Devoid of figurative narrative, this unique body of works emphasizes the universality of pattern and color - two common and recognizable natural elements that exist freely without the need for explanation -- and is meant to stimulate a primal emotional response in the viewer. And, just as in the board game, the Candy Man works will be organized by color story leading to a secondary exhibition titled Candy Castle - a specially curated exhibition-- housed in FWA's second floor gallery space.

Along with being a recognized artist in his own right, Willis has established his reputation as a preparator with an eye for assembling captivating artistic collections. Together with his own Candy Man exhibition, the talented Arizona-based artist, has curated the secondary Candy Castle show and populated it with works by a lineup of notable artists. A direct reference to the original board game, Candy Castle serves to house a treasure trove of "objects" that have proven especially compelling to Willis over the course of his career. With a special emphasis on sculptural works that help to balance the paint-driven pieces found in Candy Man, Willis states "All of the [Candy Castle] artists I have admired for some time now and I believe their work relates and can carry conversation with my pieces." Featured Candy Castle artists include, Derick Smith, Dan Lam, Christina West, Adam Hillman, Sean Augustine March, Sean Newport, Rachel Goodwin, Will Heron, and Kristina Drake.

A third component of this experiential exhibition includes painting by two highly regarded Metroplex artists, Drigo and Brennen Bechtol. The two artists will hand-paint title walls for the Candy Man and Candy Castle shows in their representative styles. Both dealing with signs in their own respective works, Bechtol and Drigo's colorful title walls will provide an additional installation element to the already vibrant exhibition. Like the nostalgia evoked by childhood memories of visiting a candy store for the first time, Willis commented "...I want this show to feel like oh my god, how did they get all of these wonderful things together in one space?"

Candy Land & Candy Castle run August 2 - September 9, 2017 at Fort Works Art. For more information, visit

Exhibition Details:
Candy Man & Candy Castle
Fort Works Art (2100 Montgomery St, Fort Worth, TX 76107)
August 2 - September 9, 2017

Opening Reception:
August 5 6 pm - 9 pm

2017 Fall Gallery Night
September 9 12 pm - 9 pm


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