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deviner - Hillary Dohoney


Exhibition on Display: September 13 - October 28, 2017

Reception: September 15, 2017 | 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m

Artist: Hillary Dohoney

Fort Works Art (FWA) invites you to experience a calming exploration of roots and heritage through immersive seascapes, as the contemporary gallery presents the first-ever solo exhibition of Fort Worth artist Hillary Dohoney from September 13 - October 28, 2017. Featuring Dohoney's signature combination of realism and exquisite trompe l'oeil technique, the show -- titled Adrift -- showcases a series of 24 captivatingly lifelike seascapes. Inspired by the scenario of a ship moored by the stillness of the wind, each gentle and serene work represents a meditation on contrasts, highlighting the churning waters of the sea against the tranquility and peacefulness of the mind. Painted as reactions to and reflections on current events and inward struggles, the exhibition welcomes viewers into an immersive experience capped off by a large scale 12-foot installation piece that offers a panoramic 360 view of the calming waters.

Adrift is described by Dohoney as "a meditation on the concept of home and its capacity to exist as an unanchored abstraction comprised of the people we are with and the stories we tell. The presented works utilize conjured seascapes to explore the drifting, transitory nature of home, a thing forever in flux, forever strived for." The exhibition also presents a secondary narrative on current political topics with the inclusion of what the artist has titled "Hiraerth." Symbolizing the refugee experience, Dohoney interviewed four refugees/refugee families from war-torn areas of the globe, asking them to candidly detail their process of coming to the US. From these oral histories, she layered in her own interpretations of their stories and recollections of their most cherished possessions into the Adrift seascapes, inviting the viewer to reflect on both the hot-button political issues, but more generally, their own heritage and family history.

A Fort Worth native, Dohoney has built a reputation for her stunning and mature painting style. A graduate with distinction from Trinity University, she advanced her studies in Paris, surrounding herself in the artistic culture of the capital city by working as a docent at the Musee d'Orsay and as an official copyist at the Louvre. During her study abroad, Dohoney was a finalist of the Hunting Art Prize. Painting in the realistic style of trompe l'oeil (trans: "deceive the eye") -- a technique that uses realistic imagery to create the illusion of the depicted object or scene existing in three dimensions -- Dohoney's works serve to "push the limits of the medium to represent the commonplace, underrepresented, and misunderstood."

In describing Dohoney and her upcoming exhibition, Childs continued, "When I first saw the work of Hillary Dohoney, I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful softness it represented in combination with her impeccable technique. And then I found out she was 23, a committed artist who worked daily in her studio, and was moving to France to pursue her life as a painter! To say that I was inspired and blown away by her maturity and placement at such a young age is an understatement. I think Hillary will have a very long trajectory and her commitment and vision is rich with content."

Adrift will be paired with the exhibition titled 40 Under 40 featuring 40 artists under the age of 40 and adjudicated by the Amon Carter Museum's Assistant Curator Maggie Adler. The show falls in line with FWA's mission of giving rise to up-and-coming talent and "to bring new young undiscovered talent to a new young gallery" according to FWA owner Lauren Childs. Accepted artists' work will be featured in the upper gallery of Fort Works Art during 'adrift' and have the opportunity for a cash prize of $500 for Best of Show.


Hillary Dohoney is from Fort Worth, Texas. She has a BA in Studio Art and Art History at Trinity University. She received Trinity University's Excellence in Art Award upon graduation. Hillary has been a finalist in the Hunting Art Prize. Conversant in French, she studied abroad in Paris where she was a docent at the Musée d'Orsay and an official copyist of the Louvre. Mainly working in oils, she takes the classical approach of trompe l'œil to render unconventional entities. Her work has been exhibited in Paris, Arkansas, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth.


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