Sex with Strangers
Dana Schultes and Jake Buchanan
photo by Evan Michael Woods

Sex with Strangers

Performance: June 24 through July 23, 2017
By Laura Eason

How far would you go to get what you want most? And can you really reinvent yourself when your past is only a mouse click away? These questions are at the heart of Laura Eason's smart and sexy comedy Sex with Strangers, beginning a 5-week regional premiere run at Stage West on Thursday, June 22.

Olivia Lago, a talented and reclusive writer whose first novel was not a success, has holed up at a bed and breakfast in Michigan to work on her second novel. She's just settled in, when what she thought would be her private space is invaded by the brash and attractive Ethan Kane, who had also booked a room, but was delayed by the oncoming blizzard. Turns out he's a writer also, a widely-followed sex blogger working on a screenplay. She's not thrilled to have company, but his charm is kind of irresistible. Plus he's read-and loved-her first book. After a lot of banter - and a bottle of wine - their mutual attraction leads them exactly where you might expect. Over the next couple of days, Ethan convinces Olivia to put her first novel out there again, self-publishing under a new title and a pseudonym. It'll be a win for each of them if it works-she'll reach a new audience and he'll have the cachet of having discovered a promising new talent.

It all seems perfect. But how well do they really know each other? Is he that charming guy from the cabin - or the less savory guy from his blog and books? And can their relationship survive their diverging ambitions? This provocative comedy takes a sharp look at identity in the digital age, and what happens when our private lives become public domain.

"Sexually and intellectually provocative...A hell of a lot of fun!" The Hollywood Reporter

Laura Eason is a Brooklyn-based screenwriter and playwright. She is best known for four seasons as a writer/producer on the Netflix drama "House of Cards" (WGA nomination for outstanding writing in a drama series, three Primetime Emmy Award nominations for drama series) and her play Sex With Strangers (one of the most produced plays in the U.S. in '15-'16 and'16-'17 seasons with more than 50 separate productions). Her award-winning stage adaptations for family audiences include The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Hartford Stage, CT; New Victory, NY; and more than thirty productions around the U.S.) and Around The World In 80 Days (Lookingglass Theatre, Chicago and many productions in U.S. and London/UK). Eason is an ensemble member and the former Artistic Director of Lookingglass Theatre Company in Chicago (2011 Regional Theatre Tony Award), and a Dramatists Guild, WGAE, AEA, SAG, and SDC member. Laura is an alumna of Northwestern University and WP Playwright's Lab. More information at: or @LEasonNYC (from Dramatists Play Service Inc.)

Sex with Strangers will be directed by Jim Covault, retired Stage West Artistic Director and Co-Producer, now the Artistic Director and Executive Producer for Orchard Theatre of Texas. Ethan will be played by Jake Buchanan, just seen at Stage West as KJ and Jasper in The Aliens, while Olivia will be played by Stage West Executive Producer Dana Schultes, last on our stage in Wait Until Dark.

Set Design will be by Kevin Brown, with lighting design by Kyle Harris, and sound design by John Flores. Costumes will be designed by Ryan D. Schapp, with props/set décor by Lynn Lovett.

Sex with Strangers will preview Thursday, June 22 at 7:30 and Friday, June 23 at 8:00, and will run through Sunday, July 23. Performance times will be Thursday evenings at 7:30, Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:00, with Sunday matinees at 3:00. The opening night reception will be Saturday, June 24. Ticket prices range from $31 to $35, with discounts for the preview performance, and for students, seniors, and military. Food service is available 90 minutes prior to performances (reservations are necessary). Reservations and information are available through the Box Office (817-784-9378), or on the website,

NOTE: This show contains strong language and adult situations.



Stage West is pleased to announces the lineup for its 38th season! The new season will offer six plays plus a season extra, and patrons purchasing season tickets before October 1 will be offered a discount on the season extra. It's an exciting mix of shows, featuring fresh takes on classic stories, cutting edge regional premieres, and a daring, not-to-be-missed World Premiere. Here it is:

Main Stage Series:

Season Extra:
Ann (The Ann Richards Play), by Holland Taylor
North Texas premiere
October 6 - November 6

Tough as nails. Funny as hell.

Our brassy blue governor Ann Richards is back and brought to vivid life in a tour-de-force one woman show. Ann is an inspiring and hilarious new play that brings you face to face with a complex, colorful, and captivating character bigger than the state from which she hailed. Take a break from the election season, and come sit a spell with one of politics' most unforgettable characters.

"A spot-on tribute to the iconic Texas governor." - Austin CultureMap

Murder for Two, Book & Lyrics by Kellen Blair and Book & Music by Joe Kinosian
November 17 - December 18

A killer musical comedy.

A fateful night. A surprise party. A great American novelist is killed...fatally. A small town policeman, with dreams of making detective, jumps at the chance to prove his sleuthing skills and find the killer before the real detective arrives! Murder for Two is a perfect blend of music, mayhem, and murder with a twist - one actor investigates the crime, the other plays (all) the suspects, and did we mention, they both play piano! A witty and winking homage to old-fashioned murder mysteries.

"Ingenious! A snazzy double-act that spins out a comic mystery animated by funny, deftly turned songs." - The New York Times

STUPID F*CKING BIRD, by Aaron Posner, sort of adapted from Chekhov's The Seagull
Regional premiere
January 19 - February 19

Don't like your story? Rewrite that sh*t.

Dev loves Mash. Mash loves Con. Con loves Nina. Nina loves Trig. But so does Emma. Thus, the stage is set for sidesplitting heartache. An irreverent and unabashedly provocative riff on Chekhov's classic of the timeless battle between young and old, past and present, at the search for the true meaning of it all - only this time, convention gets shot to f*cking hell.

"... the magic of Stupid F##king Bird is how it balances the hilarious and the heart wrenching." - DC Theatre Scene

Deer, by Aaron Mark
World premiere
March 9 - April 9

A grisly, pitch-black comedy.

Ken and Cynthia have been married for thirty years. Ken and Cynthia drive to their vacation home for the weekend. Ken and Cynthia hit a deer. Ken just wants to spend the weekend alone with his wife, but Cynthia will not abandon their lifeless, bloody new pet. As the carcass begins to take over their lives, secrets surface, sanity slips, and someone may not be quite as dead as they should be.

"Aaron Mark's [writing] vivid, original, and mesmerizing." - Theater Pizzazz

The Aliens, by Annie Baker
May 4 - June 4

Life, disenchantment, rock and roll, and fireworks.

At a table next to the dumpster behind a Vermont coffee shop, two friends straddling youth and adulthood spend their days pondering life, music, and Bukowski. When a lonely high-school student arrives on the scene, they take him under their wing and teach him everything they know. A play-with-music about connection, creation, and what it takes to grow up.

"Such a stark reminder of...youthful hope" - The Telegraph

Sex with Strangers, by Laura Eason
Regional premiere
June 22 - July 23

Sex plus the internet. What could go wrong?

When twenty-something star sex blogger and memoirist Ethan tracks down his idol, the gifted but obscure nearing-forty novelist Olivia, in the middle of a blizzard, they find they each crave what the other possesses. As attraction turns to sex, and they inch closer to getting what they want, secrets surface and both must confront the dark side of ambition and the difficulty of reinventing oneself when the past is only a click away.

"A twisty and timely two character drama about lust, love and the complex nature of identity in our digital-dominated era." -The New York Times.

The Royal Society of Antarctica, by Mat Smart
Regional premiere
August 24 - September 24

What do you find at the bottom of the world?

A young woman seeking to understand her mother's disappearance joins the ranks of a ragtag group of misfits and scientists who serve at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Amidst janitorial duties, never-ending daylight, and subzero temperatures, this lonely and rugged bunch becomes an escape from the world and a home for each other. A striking and luminous story about why we run away and what happens when we finally come face to face with what we've been running away from.

"Such a goofy, painful, honest exploration of the relationships...that any single description is absurdly limiting." - Chicago Sun Times

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Season tickets range in price from $135 to $175 with discounts for students, seniors, and teachers. Subscribers purchasing season passes prior to October 1 may purchase up to 2 tickets for Ann at $25 apiece.
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